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Welcome to The Satyr

Welcome to The Satyr, an e-magazine with a long, sometimes sordid history.  And by “long,” I mean “14 years.” And by “sordid,” I mean, “There was a lot of hookers and blow involved.”

This is a magazine, not a blog, and so I won’t be boring you with my life story, but by way of introduction to The Satyr, its fetal era goes way back to 1998, when I was a month or two shy of graduating Indiana University with a degree in folklore. Like most college graduates, I was faced with the eternal question: “OK. Now what the hell do I do?” A standard 9:00 to 5:00 was not at that time an attractive option—although I would, years later, resort to one in desperation. However, there was a job I’d had in college which I adored: Opinion columnist and reporter for the Indiana Daily Student. In addition to the opportunity it gave me to write and be read by real people who sent real feedback, it also put me in contact with other writers, artists, cartoonists, photographers and editors, some of whom were quite talented. Much as I enjoy writing on my own, I have always preferred collaboration even more.

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