The Satyr is an original online magazine featuring arts crit (film, television, literature, music, visual and performing arts and video games), political and historical commentary, news, science, pop culture, sports, philosophy, sociology and original artwork. Plus more than a touch of snark.

Founded by Tony Caroselli and based on his Facebook Notes “Hearing the Lambs: Ayn Rand, William Hickman and Hannibal Lecter” (which film critic Roger Ebert called “The best vivisection of Ayn Rand I’ve ever read”) and “Acting Like a Professional: What George W. Bush Could Have Learned from ‘Reservoir Dogs.'” The Satyr is updated whenever someone has something to add.

Every issue of The Satyr is dedicated to Kenneth M. Elliott (May 1957 – February 2010), a faun of another color who knew better than ever to trust Whitey.